Hotel-Dieu of Saint Joseph, Perth-Andover


10 Woodland Hill

Perth Andover,NB
E7H 5H5

Phone:(506) 273-7100
Fax:(506) 273-7200

Hotel-Dieu of St. Joseph’s, Perth Andover

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, 8-4, and every Tuesday evening
Registered Nurse- 1 day/week, Registered Dietitian full-time

Services Available:

Endocrinology/Internist: Telehealth
Ophthalmology: Woodstock
Cardiology: come to Perth on a regular basis
Psychology: Woodstock
Foot Care: referred to VON or private
Social Work: yes
Group: Diabetes Education group twice monthly.
Bi-weekly topics include: Cross Border Diabetes; Diabetes Sabotage; Healthy Heart & Lungs; When Nature Doesn’t Call; Healthy Teeth; Stress-All Stirred Up; Portions; Put Your Best Foot Forward; Travel/Insurance; Berries Berries Berries; Exercise-Get up Get moving; Budget/Shopping; Label Reading; Grocery Store Tour; Healthy Cooking Instructions; Flaxseed; and Frozen Meals.

Opportunities for patients: Exercise program at Civic Centre

Support group: Monthly Diabetes Management Clinic