Grand Manan Hospital


196 Route #776

Grand Manan,NB
E5G 1A3

Phone:(506) 662-4072
Fax:(506) 662-4062

Grand Manan Hospital

Hours of operation: Appointments available between Monday -Friday 8-4

One on one visits with nurse; review food plan, insulin starts, no adjustments. Nurse practitioner able to adjust and start insulin therapy and start oral medications, adjust and follow

Endocrinology/Internist: referred to Saint John

Referral to Saint John for : Ophthalmology, Nephrology, Cardiology

Services Available:

Registered Dietitian: yes (Telehealth: St. Stephen RD). We also do a dietitian consult at least once with the dietitian at Charlotte County Hospital on IRIS (Telemed), usually they have follow up visits

Foot Care: Yes (assessment)