Edmundston Regional Hospital


275 boulevard Hebert

E3V 4E4

Phone:(506) 739-2459
Fax:(506) 739-2876

Hours of Operation: Monday - Thursday 8 - 6pm, Friday 8am - 4pm

No endocrinologist; Yes: internist

Services Available: Ophthalmology, Cardiology
Nephrology: internist doing nephrology
Psychology: participates in classes
Foot Care: assessment; refer to VON or PodoCare Clinic
Child and Family Services: as required

Programs offered/recommended:
Initial visit 1 ½ hr (45 min with RN, 45 min with RD); then attend 2 morning sessions for general education; follow-up q3-6 months)

Support group: CDA local branch meet about once/year