Community Diabetes Nurse in Primary Care


Diabetes Education Centre
Zone 1 South-East Horizon Health Network


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Community Diabetes Nurse Primary Care Initiative Goals:

• To have the Diabetes Nurse Educator assist Primary Care Physicians in the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of best practice guidelines for the management of patients with Diabetes;

• To link with Primary Care Physicians and provide optimal diabetes care to patients with Diabetes in their own communities in collaboration with their family practitioner;

• To increase patient knowledge and understanding of the importance of optimal diabetes care. To increase patient self-care practices and diabetes control with the goal to reduce the risks for complications and co-morbidities;

• To learn about the special challenges and rewards of providing diabetes care in the community and identify areas where new strategies may benefit care;

• To provide patients with access to a nurse with expert diabetes knowledge with the goal of decreasing use of emergency services, Primary Care Physician time, load on Diabetes Education Centers, and rate of referral to Endocrinology or Internal Medicine specialists.